5/19/19 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. the Raconteurs "Help Me Stranger" thirdman
2. Wizard Rose "Forbidden Thing" spinnup
3. Interpol "Thrones" matador
4. WALLOWS "Scrawny" atlantic
5. Mastodon "Stairway To Heaven" reprise
6. Mike Patton & Jean Claude Vannier "On Top Of The World" ipecac
7. Pkew Pkew Pkew "I Don't Matter At All" dine alone
8. JR JR "Low" love is ez
9. Phantom Planet "BALISONG"
10. the Beaches "Snake Tongue" universal
11. Slipknot "Unsainted" roadrunner
12. RAMMSTEIN "ZEIG DICH" universal
13. Cate Le Bon "Sad Nudes" mexican summer
14. Mexico City Blondes "ADDIO" burger

-Hour 2-

15. Tyler, The Creator "New Magic Wand" columbia
16. METZ "Pure Auto" sub pop
17. Injury Reserve (feat. Aminé) "Jailbreak The Tesla" loma vista
18. Lana Del Rey "Doin' Time" polydor
19. Tycho "Pink & Blue" mom+pop/ninja tune
20. Black Keys "Go" nonesuch
21. Torche "Slide" relapse
22. Crooked Colours "Never Dance Alone"
23. Flying Lotus (ft. Anderson .Paak) "More"
24. Amon Tobin "Freeformed" nomark
25. Holly Herndon "Alienation" 4ad
26. Frenship "swim" counter
27. Bush "Bullet Holes" zuma rock
28. Alex Lahey "Am I Doing This Right?" dead oceans



Not On Spotify:
13. Cate Le Bon "Sad Nudes" mexican summer


GAME OF THRONES IS OVER!!! I wanted to say something witty but my fellow brown dude in radio Shil said it best, "Game of Thrones was a lot of white people making bad decisions that led to lots of people dying so I give it an A+ for accuracy" I couldn't agree more.

What did you think of the ending? I loved it, yes it was a bit rushed but seeing how the Starks ended up was the sweet sweet sauce. Pour one out for Rob, Grey Wind, Summer and Lady. AND BIG UPS TO DROGON for melting down the symbol of evil that perpetuated this whole story in the 1st place. ALSO my favorite human character, Bran Stark ended up being the most important person in Game of Thrones. Like I said since season one, everyone else is in a movie while Bran is questing Final Fantasy style. In fact one of my favorite scenes is when Jon Snow starts apologizing that he was not there for Bran and Bran hits him with "you were where you were supposed to be" in reference to when Bran could have revealed himself to Jon but didn't so he could continue his quest on becoming the three eyed raven. Tears sun, tears.


New Noize will not be ending and I must say I killed it this past weekend. I am LOVING both Amon Tobin & Holly Herndon full lengths. METZ aka one of Keanu Reeves favorite bands (mine to Neo) is coming out with a b-sides/rarities album and we are all better for it. And yes party people I went against the sage advice of Guitar Center policy and played Mastodon's cover of "Stairway to Heaven" <---(for those who are too young or not down this is a reference to Wayne's World)


See you next Sunday minus all the GoT references.