6/9/19 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. minihorse "Summer Itch" park the van
2. Bon Iver "U (Man Like)" jagjaguwar
3. Babe Rainbow "Something New" 30th century
4. Japanese Breakfast "Head Over Heels" w
5. Ra Ra Riot "Flowers"
6. Sampa The Great "Final Form" ninja tune
7. The Minus Scale "Back to Your House"
8. Redd Kross "Beyond the Door" merge
9. Lost Under Heaven "Teen Violence" mute
10. Jay Som "Superbike" polyvinyl
11. Pete Yorn "Calm Down" shelly
12. Pixies "On Graveyard Hill" BMG
13. Temples "Hot Motion" ato
14. Denzel Curry (feat. Rick Ross) "BIRDZ" loma vista
15. Lady Moon & The Eclipse "Global Warning" glass x

-Hour 2-

16. Ty Segall "Taste"
17. Kishi Bashi "F Delano" joyful noise
18. Crystal Cities "Under The Cold Light Of The Moon"
19. WIVES "The 20 Teens" city slang
20. Sleater-Kinney "Hurry On Home" mom+pop
21. Girl Band "Shoulderblades" rough trade
22. Shannon Lay "Nowhere"
23. TTY "Buttercream"
24. Freddie Gibbs & Madlib "Crime Pays"
25. Sufjan Stevens "Love Yourself" asthmatic kitty
26. Earth "Cats on the Briar" sargent house
27. Flying Lotus (feat Shabazz Palaces) "Actually Virtual" warp
28. Silversun Pickups "Don't Know Yet" new machine30
29. Yoke Lore "Chin Up" yellohouse
30. Vanessa Silberman "Love" a diamond heart production



Not On Spotify:
The Minus Scale "Back to Your House"
Vanessa Silberman "Love"


People may be freaking out about the NBA finals but not this guy, partly because I'm a Knicks fan and loathe basketball because of that fact.

What did occur this past weekend was e3 minus the mega-giant Playstation showing up. I figured e3 was gonna be weak, I WAS WRONG.

So right off the bat, Square-Enix stole the show. I had Nintendo making the biggest "splash" and I will get to that here but 1st let's talk about motherfucking Final Fantasy VII Remake.

So Square came out swinging the buster sword everyone wanted to see, Final Fantasy Remake. We got to see gameplay, how the gameplay works and an extended cut scene with gameplay mixed in. Before I start diving deep on gameplay lets talk about how big this game is. 2 BLU RAYS LONG. Producer Yoshinori Kitase did say that the story of midgard is so deep it takes an entire disc to cover...For reals? I mean that's great as during the press conference Square stated that they will be diving deeper into character background. Square Enix also has been pretty forward that the game is going to be released in parts where people interpreted as this being episodic and it looks like that is not the case. Instead, it's going to be 2 discs long.


Let us get into the gameplay which was a major turn off for me specifically as I like pure turn-based RPGs. Personally, I like turn-based combat as it lets me play as everyone and I feel it is way more strategic. Prior to e3 Square said this will not be turn-based like the original which made me very sad. Then after their keynote Square revealed the combat will have 2 options. The 1st is as close to turn-based combat as this game will get and I'm actually looking forward to it. At a certain point during an encounter, time will "slow down" (think Neo in the Matrix with full-on camera rotation). During this "slow down" mode the player can pick from a list of actions which include a special move, using an item, or casting a spell. The 2nd option is to use a command based system, so kudos Square for giving us these options. During this reveal, we got to see in-game combat and how Cloud works with Barret. It was ultra cool to see how easy it was to maneuver from Cloud to Barret for strategic, long-ranged attacks.

Oh and the last thing on Final Fantasy VII Remake, they showed Arith and Tifa gameplay. Tifa looks great by the way and the crowd went wild when she burst onto the scene. This game will be out on 3.3.2020

Square finished the conference with the Avengers game they are dropping, which looks great with dark undertones.


Bethesda always comes with heat and with their ravenous fans base, they mostly delivered. The one highlight for me was watching DOOM Eternal. I didn't think FPS could get any faster that DOOM and holy Cacodemon it just did. Whoever they got to quarterback that video of gameplay deserves a day off. You know a game is "fast" when you are just observing and can't follow the game. I also am really looking for to playing their new multiplayer mode where its 1 vs 2. The 2 person team will pick from 2 monsters in the game and hunt down the "demon slayer".

Microsoft had but 1 interesting thing, Ghostwire and it looks amazing (and hopefully coming to the PlayStation)



Nintendo time! If it wasn't for Squares insane press conference Nintendo would have won. They dropped 2 new SMASH players, Dragon Quest with Banjo & Kazooie and I could care less. I just want Goku in the damn game Nintendo, so do it already.


Nintendo confirmed release dates on Fire Emblem (7/26) Astral Chain (8.30) Daemon Machina (9/13) and the most important game for them in 2019 Links Awakening (9.20)


The Nintendo surprises were so real I almost made a scene at my day job. Panzar Dragoon remake?!?!?!?!?! That's my game sun, day 1 purchase. Travis Touchdown is truly back this time with No More Heroes III. HOLD ON TO YOUR CUCCOS NEW LEGEND OF ZELDA BREATH OF THE WILD GAME TBA!!!!! Not DLC but a true sequel to BOTW is coming (I'm gonna say 2021) As some of you already know I chose to start and beat BOTW during the holy month of Ramadan. Needless to say, I am pretty far in the game but nowhere near any type of completion.


Oh there was also New Noize this past week and I hope you dig this past Sundays Playlist.

Lastly, I will be inside the tri-state area on the 21st for a bit. If you want to hang lets plan.