6/2/19 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Earth "The Colour of Poison" sargent house
2. Gauche "Pay Day" merge
3. Seratones "Gotta Get To Know Ya" new west
4. Black Pistol Fire "Pick Your Poison" rifle bird
5. the Jins "Death Wish" 604
6. the Gotobeds (feat. Victoria Ruiz) "Debt Begins at 30" sub pop
7. Cheerleader "Bang, Bang" bright antenna
8. the Vicious Cycles "If It Looks Like A Cop" pirate press
9. Otoboke Beaver "Love is Short"
10. Mattiel "Je Ne Me Connais Pas" ato
11. Mokita "Inside Out" armada
12. Kyle Craft "2 Ugly 4 NY" sub pop
13. Pip Blom "Ruby" heavenly
14. METZ "Pure Auto" sub pop
15. Kitty Kat Fan Club "Dreamy Little You" asain man

-Hour 2-

16. Freddie Gibbs & Madlib "Crime Pays" rca
17. Tyler, the Creator "RUNNING OUT OF TIME"
18. Flying Lotus (feat David Lynch) "Fire Is Coming" warp
19. Skinny Pelembe "Spit-Swallow" brownswood
20. Jai Paul "Do You Love Her Now" xl
21. BANKS "Gimme"
22. Luc "Over It"
23. Velvet Negroni "Confetti" 4ad
24. Mattie Safer "Leave Me Alone"
25. The Darcys (f- Leah Fay) "Just Here With My Friends"
26. Hot Chip "Melody of Love"
27. TR-ST "Gone" grouch
28. Sacred Paws "The Conversation" merge
29. the Pin Heads "Feel It Now"
30. Apex Manor "Asked & Answered" merge



Not On Spotify:
the Vicious Cycles "If It Looks Like A Cop" pirate press
Mattie Safer "Leave Me Alone"


Eid Mubarak. I'm gonna be busy parting so here's the playlist in all its glory.